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Subprime lending: What is it and How Does it Work?

Subprime lending is a loan issued to lenders with a poor profile. This could be a result of bad credit, the individual being new to borrowing and having no established loan history or currently not having a consistent income.  To paint a clearer picture of what a subprime lender looks like, a credit score between Read more…

Finding the Right Vehicle for Your Budget

A vehicle can be an awesome method of transportation and a valuable tool in achieving the life you desire, or a financial burden that eats away at your peace of mind and prevents you from participating in other meaningful activities. At Instant Financial Group, we exist to ensure your vehicle purchasing experience isn’t the latter. Read more…

Is a Co-signer Right for You?

Without strong credit scores and stable income, loan approval can be a real challenge. Attaining a co-signer can increase the attractiveness of your loan to the lender. At Instant Financial Group, we don’t require that you have a co-signer; however, having one can lead to better interest rates! So, in the interest of getting you Read more…

Set Yourself Up for Success with Your Next Auto Loan

Successfully navigating the auto purchase process, involves, choosing the right car, getting a good price, and funding the purchase in the way that makes the most sense for you. At Instant Financial Group, our vehicle loans will help you achieve your automotive needs in an easy and safe way. This step is crucial and deserves Read more…

Achieving a Low Interest Rate on Your Loans

With correct research and planning, loans are effective sources of financial support to help realize your goals and through those goals, your dreams. Even so, it’s important to remember that depending on your financial situation, many details surrounding your loan are susceptible to change, such as the interest rate attached to it. Factors such as Read more…
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