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How Much Will My Loan Cost?

We do not charge approval fees. Our fees are applied to the monthly contract, depending on the loan’s value. Some lenders may also add sub-charges and fees.

Will I Need to Find a Co-Signer?

A co-signer may help you unlock better interest rates, but having one is not a requirement.

Do I Need to Put Money Down?

We do not ask for money up front; however, some lenders may suggest money down to lower your payments. As well, if the amount of money you are approved for does not cover the full value of your purchase, you may need a down payment to settle the difference. That said, we can help work Read more…

Can I Call to Complete My Application?

Yes, we complete transactions over phone, email and fax.

Are All of the Loans Open?

Yes, we deal in only open-ended loans, meaning you can settle your balance at any time. We don’t trap you into contracts or straddle you with interest—you’re free to pay off your loan if you’d like.

I Live in a Different City. How Will I Receive and Submit My Documents?

We use the web-based program Docusign, allowing you to submit your documents electronically from your desktop or smartphone. Your documents will come to you in an email with further instructions. At any point, you can talk to our staff and someone will walk you through the process. Of course, we still accept e-mail, fax and Read more…

What Does the Licensing Process Entail?

We courier a package to you containing all the documents you will need to complete the licensing process. Said documents include the certified bank draft, a certified bank draft for taxes as well as all papers your local licensing office will request. Don’t worry—although it sounds like a lot to process, we provide everything you Read more…

Can I Secure Personal Loans through Instant Financial Groups?

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide personal cash loans.
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