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Canadian winters are renowned, and those of us fortunate to experience them like to take advantage of the snow in many ways. One of the best ways to traverse Canada’s powdery landscape is with a snowmobile. Unfortunately, motor sleds are pretty expensive, which is why we want to help connect you with flexible, affordable financing.

Instant Financial Group offers fast, secure online applications, with access to a wide network of lenders, specializing in different credit sectors. Through our network, you’ll receive the best loan rates for snowmobiles and motor sleds. Just see for yourself and start the application.

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Instant Financial Group is committed to an easy, safe and fast alternative financing offering. Our flexibility extends farther than the banks and our programs are tailored to the needs of our unique clients.

How Instant Financial Group Works How Instant Financial Group Works

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We're a full-service brokerage focusing on easy, secure and fast alternative financing solutions for our valued customers.

Quick and Painless Financing Alternatives

Traditionally, securing a loan meant in-person meetings with financial officials and lots of paperwork. Depending how many banks you contacted, the whole process could range anywhere from a few days to several weeks. At Instant Financial Group, we do things a bit differently. We process applications online via a secure portal, helping to connect you with financing options as quickly as possible. We don’t ask for a down payment either!

A Canada-Wide Network of Trusted Lenders

Instant Financial Group works with a bevy of Canadian lenders, all specializing in different credit sectors. This enables us to efficiently match your application with the most appropriate lenders, translating into better rates and stronger customer service. Our vast network of lenders gives us an advantage over other independent brokers. Rather than shopping the market, we bring the best terms forward, having done the research behind the scenes on your behalf.

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